About me

Hello, my name is Marco Bonelli, I'm Italian and I was born in 1996. I currently work as a security researcher for the Italian Cybersecurity National Laboratory. I have a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, with focus on computer security. I like programming, hacking and pretty much any possible nerdy thing that has to do with computers. Amongst the other things, I'm also a (boringly average) PC gamer and a (bad) classical piano player.


I love programming, and I love helping people program, as you can probably guess from my StackOverflow profile. I'm great at C, Python and JavaScript, though I know a bunch more languages to various degrees. I also built this and other simple websites, so I know a thing or two about full-stack web developing (though I mainly write vanilla front-ends). I also enjoy solving competitive programming puzzles from time to time, like for example Advent of Code.

I like writing clean code, which also usually means making sure that what I'm doing follows the right convention, specification, etc. I constantly switch between Linux (Debian) and Windows, but highly prefer the former when it comes to programming.

If you're curious, here's a link to my setup.


Just as much as I love programming, I love understanding how things work (or don't) and why. I like playing CTFs (I prefer jeopardy) and I'm part of two teams: mHackeroni and Tower of Hanoi. I also enjoy hacking wargames such as pwnable.kr, perhaps even more than standard CTF contests, as I like to take my time with challenges. My favorite fields are binary application security and reverse engineering.

I've been part of the Cyberchallenge.IT program as a student and a member of Team Italy (2019-2021), the Italian national team. I'm also one of the instructors for the Cyberchallenge program at Politecnico di Milano, teaching new students the basics of computer security, mainly binary application security. I believe the best way to learn how something works is to imagine having to teach it.